I hold a Post-Graduate Diploma in Supervision through NHS Inter Psyche Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Studies. I have supervised work carried out within the NHS, counselling services (CPC) and private practice.


So much has been written about ‘what makes a good supervisor?’ When supervising I work hard to establish a safe, non judge-mental and trusting relationship between supervisor and supervisee. One which encourages the supervisee to explore all aspects of their counselling work. This encompasses many functions in the role, such as:

  • a counsellor giving support
  • a teacher helping supervisees learn and develop
  • a manager checking the quality of the supervisees work


Supervision can be deceptively similar and uses similar skills to the counsellor when working with clients but it also has many differences. One major difference is that I am an active supervisor and I am willing to when appropriate, self-disclose and share my experience with supervisees. I see career development as an important part of supervision and I am happy to discuss this and share any knowledge which maybe of use.


I encourage an atmosphere of learning, mutual respect, curiosity, self care and ultimately support ‘The Supervisor’s role is not just to reassure the worker, but to allow the emotional disturbance to be felt within the safer setting of the supervisory relationship, where it can be survived, reflected upon and learnt from. Supervision thus provides a container that holds the helping relationship within the therapeutic triad’. (Hawkins & Shohet, 2010).


If you would like to explore supervision with me please email: jennymmilburn@gmail.com or use the contact page. Fees start from £55.00 per 60 minutes.