Hello 2019

I am still on annual leave for my Christmas break but I am starting to dip my toe back into work and it feels good. Today I had two new clients contact me and I booked them in for next week. With my existing clients I am now already fully booked. Don’t worry this doesn’t mean that I can’t fit you in when you contact me. My diary is flexible, some clients stay forever – whilst others just a few sessions. A worst I may pop you on a short waiting list. At best I would aim to offer you your first appointment within at least two weeks. It feels good to me to enter into the year already fully booked. It reaffirms to me that I am good at what I do. Not in an egotistical way but more in a reassuring way for myself and also for you, the client.


I love the feeling of being about to go back, after a short holiday to work as a counsellor. I feel excited, intrigued to step into another beings world; to listen and to work together to make positive change. I love that my job, after all these years it still excites me. So, as I think about the year to come, I wonder who I am going to meet in my study, how I am going to be able to help, what dilemmas are going to be chewed over but most of all I hope to be able to help.


I wish you a very happy 2019

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