First blog post

Hi, I have started this blog to allow you to understand a little more about me, your potential counsellor. I trained to become a counsellor by a wonderful tutor called Marc. He was very boundaried in his approach and I agree boundaries are very important to successful counselling by this I mean boundaries such as non disclosure by the counsellor. Counselling is about the client not the counsellor. So this does provide me with an ethical dilemma. I wish to remain consistent in non self disclosure but provide you with an insight into all that I am doing as a counsellor and love as a counsellor. Obviouly there shall be no disclosure about my client’s content and anonymity shall be key. So I shall tread a fine line here but by explaining this right at the very start I hope you can understand what is to come. This makes me think of one of the first things I say to client’s when they come for their first session. As they enter the room I ask them to sit on the sofa to the left. We sit down, with me in the chair opposite and I ask them if they found it ok? Always a good ice breaker I find. I then say…everything you say will be kept completely confidential unless I am led to believe that you are at risk of harming yourself, anyone else or a crime against the state. Client’s usually look at me a little surprised by the severity of my outburst but it is important to explain boundaries right from the get go! Trust in the therapeutic relationship is very important.


I am typing this at 20:42. I do love my job and put a lot of hours into it. I love helping people. I have a natural curiosity about human beings and so this job is just perfect for me. I look forward to waking up tomorrow and seeing how my client’s are feeling and what they have to bring. I never really know. I keep an open mind and stay cool when surprised, or aim to. I am often told by my client’s that I have a face full of expression. Perhaps no matter how boundaried I aim to remain my face discloses a million words/emotions as I strive to walk beside my client, in their shoes to understand their journey; allowing them to feel heard and accepted. Together as a team all change is possible.


P.S. Apologies in advance for typo’s/grammar errors. This is my blog and not an English lit paper!


Ohh…I have just seen that you can leave a comment below. I really welcome your thoughts and words here and thank you.

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